Sunday, April 24, 2016

Design Learning Path

No learning is the right learning for everyone; right learning is tailored or designed for the context and learners. How do we tailor or design learning?

First, as you read this post, think about a lesson, unit, or program you'd like to refine or revise to meet your learners' needs.

Next, think about what's required and/or expected such as the standards, school rules/protocols, and general learning/teaching expectations. Make a list of those.

After that, think about your learners. Who are they? What do they like? How do they learn best? What do they need?

Then think about the context? What do you have that will support this learning? What do you need? What is required to make this learning come alive in your context? Who is able to help out?

Then be the naysayer, why will this redesign or revision be difficult? What are the obstacles? Why won't this work? What makes you fearful or passive with regard to this need?

Now think beyond the obstacles (we'll return to those later), envision the end point--what does it look like, what do students' know, how do they feel, what change in the learning/teaching environment has occurred?

Lay a path to the end point, step by step create your project's storyboard. As you lay the path think about what each focus is, the materials/space needs, time and support.

Walk the path yourself by investing yourself in the learning process from start to finish alone or, even better, with colleagues and or a few students. Create exemplars online or offline with images, video, and/or print.

Organize the plan ideally online using a website--this website will serve as the 24-7 guide to the learning path.

Embark on the path with your students. Be prepared to revise along the way as you have to remember you're teaching the students first, and the content second.

Once you and the students reach the end point, take time out to reflect, revise, and make changes so that when you journey this path with the next group you'll be able to start with even greater knowledge and preparation for the learning ahead.