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Friday, June 03, 2016

Summer is Calling

For many students, the call of summer is strong so the will to attend and think/learn deeply is waning. That makes teaching challenging.

As we coach the children at this time of year, it's challenging work. We try to choreograph the teaching year so that we end with a number of special events and projects. Yet there's always a few unknown factors that occur. This year it was a large number of tests in early May and additional STEAM projects. Those events went well, but I think we'll rethink the curriculum map a bit so we don't have too many big learning events coming up against each other in the final weeks.

As the end draws near, it's best to simplify as much as possible. In many ways it's like going back to the first days of school when you are setting norms and practicing new routines.

With only eleven days left after today, it's best to keep a peaceful pace as much as possible. Teachers everywhere are striving for this in the final days of school. Onward.