Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wayland Institutes 2016: STEAM Day 2

Looking forward to a focus on the science practicies and
crosscutting concepts with students.
Again Rob Stephenson gave us lots and lots to think about at the second day of the Wayland STEAM Institute. There are so many wonderful ideas to employ when it comes to teaching children well, and now the key is to organize those ideas, materials, and time so that I can present my students with a dynamic learning environment, experiences, and education.

I presented our team's efforts with the Global Cardboard Challenge. I was fortunate to have experienced and dedicated teachers at the presentation. Therefore the best part of the presentation was the conversation we had about the merits of the project and ways to deepen and grow the effort. I hope to use the ideas shared when my grade-level team and I get together to discuss the year's curriculum map in general and the Global Cardboard Challenge as one part of the overall teaching/learning.

I also had the chance to listen to Meghan Bowhers present a host of very clever, creative, and engaging project based learning activities. Also, Rob Stephenson presented so many great ideas, ideas I've captured in the tweets below. All in all The Wayland Institutes 2016 offered quality learning and many new ideas for the year ahead.