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Thursday, May 05, 2016

I Want to Understand

I like to understand situations well. I like to know the facts, rules, and protocols. I work within the established mandates. If I don't understand, I ask questions. If I don't agree, I work systematically for change.

Yet, I'm finding on many levels and in many places, there is little will to help one understand. I'm often made to feel stupid if I ask questions, and challenged about my intent too. Perhaps, it's me. Perhaps, I'm one of few who don't understand the issues that confuse me, but I suspect I'm not alone and also the comments of friends and colleagues lead me to this conclusion as well.

What's wrong with wanting to understand?

Doesn't good knowledge and understanding lead us to better work?

What would be the reservations related to sharing information or helping someone understand?

I want to think more on this issue in days to come because I truly don't understand this fully, and I want to know more.