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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Clarity and Direction

I ask a lot of questions. I seek clarity, and want to use that clarity to inform direction.

Yet, I don't want to overwhelm, and that's a challenge since there's so much I don't know.

Why the rush to know?

Knowing builds capacity, and capacity leads to better effort, and better effort leads to greater satisfaction and a job well done.

Yet, it's not all about you--there are many to consider, many with various view points, agendas, directions, and vision. It's not one, but many.

Charting the path includes the following big questions and directions, the areas that clarity matters most.

How can the Union support its members in ways that lead to good work and good lives?
The more I understand the teachers' union, the better I understand how the union can support teachers. In order to do good work, that support is integral.

How can we teach in ways that empower, engage, and educate all children?
This is the question that lies at the center of my work.

What are the best avenues for professional learning and growth?
I'm in the midst of exploring multiple avenues in this regard. I'm thinking about how these avenues support the questions above.

How do we participate in, empower, and support education systems and organizations?
What can we do to contribute well to the systems we work in and the organizations that support our efforts?

As I think of these questions, I recognize that I have a number of opportunities ahead to delve deeper and work well in this regard.

With regard to the Union, as a building rep on a dedicated board, I have the chance to learn and contribute. I've been studying, asking lots (perhaps too many) questions, and making a few suggestions as we do our work.

To empower, engage, and educate all children, I'm working with my grade level team on a number of great projects, questions, and initiatives. We flexibly use time to meet multiple student, family, leadership, district, State, and curriculum expectations.

With regard to professional learning, the ECET2 that I'm about to organize and carry out with educators is a big, positive learning challenge. I'm also presenting at the MTA summer conference and Wayland Institutes. I'm looking forward to learning with dynamic educators in this regard.

Finally, I'm working to build collegiality and good work with the whole learning community including students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members. This takes good communication, listening, respect, and contribution. There's always room for growth in this area of limitless potential and possibility.

Moving forward yet again.