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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Transparency Challenge

I am a fan of transparency, but I'm also beginning to realize that there are many who worry about transparency.

On a number of occasions recently in a number of both professional and private settings, transparency has been looked at unfavorably.

I can certainly understand why someone may not want to be transparent about personal matters.

But there are many issues that people don't want to be transparent about that strike me as surprising .

Yet I know that when we get too righteous about strict laws, rules, and words, we don't allow the loose-tight nature of good work. Too-tight rules can restrict the good work possible, whereas loose-tight protocols have some give that can result in better work.

But you don't want loose-tight to mean someone decides who gets something and who doesn't--a loose-tight with no guiding protocols or rules might be a loose-tight that leads to favoritism rather than fairness.

When is transparency the right path. I still hold that most things in life can be transparent except those that are very personal to us and our loved ones. I believe that greater transparency leads to greater understanding and in most cases, better effort.

Do you agree? Why or why not?