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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Teacher Leadership Initiative Continues

Thanks to the MTA and NEA, I had the opportunity to spend a day and a half with the Massachusetts Teacher Leadership Initiative Cohort 3 participants. About 30 educators from around the State gathered to share updates related to our capstone projects and to learn more about social justice, teacher leader competencies, NEA news, and the capstone process.

During the weekend, I learned of a number of important ideas and opportunities for teachers that I hope to share with our local union membership. I also was impressed with the depth and quality of the capstone work I learned about including the video above. I had the chance to organize next steps for my capstone project as well.

I'll continue on the TLI path set and shore up the writing and evidence collection during the April school break. In the meantime, I'll focus my efforts on the fifth grade students, collaborative grade-level team, Jo Boaler's books, Mathematical Mindsets, and a number of family/personal efforts. Onward.