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Friday, March 04, 2016

Good Work and Learning Take Time

Just the other day, a colleague stated that we don't give students the time they need to learn well. This is an issue we need to think about as teaching teams and faculties.

How can we take the adage, "less is more," to lead our learning efforts in the days ahead.

What are the most important learning projects and points for each grade and each subject area. Of course, this will change from year to year and class to class because most importantly, we have to inspire and teach the students in front of us and that requires knowing those students well and responding to their needs and interests.

Yet, as I think ahead and work to employ more "floor to ceiling" learning opportunities, the kinds of opportunities Jo Boaler supports that offers every student a meaningful entry and path to learning, I want to make sure that I choose fewer, but richer, learning events so that students have the time they need to dig deep and learn well.