Sunday, March 06, 2016

Planning an Event for Many

At a similar event we created signs to use when discussing
affiliations and efforts that have positively impacted
our professional work. 
Every teacher in every school should have the opportunity to be on a planning committee for one activity or another. When activities are simply done to teachers, those activities don't elicit the same level of investment and care as when teachers are part of the planning process. The same is true for our students. If we make them part of the learning plans, then we're more likely to gain their investment.

This is on my mind today as I'll join a group of educators I recently met at a conference to plan an event for many educators. I'm sure that these educators have a lot in mind when it comes to this event, and I want to shore up my thoughts too before attending the meeting.

What will we need?

First, we'll need to decide what the focus of the event is. We have a host of ideas and I'm sure we'll take some time to streamline our various thoughts into one event goal or mission statement.

Next we'll need a location. We've already received a few offers for donated space, so that probably won't be too difficult.

We'll have to plan a date too. I'm wondering if we should send out a survey to gain Massachusetts' educators best ideas about the date.

After that, we'll have to set the agenda. I imagine the agenda will include keynote speaker(s), break-out sessions, breakfast, lunch, and perhaps some kind of final gathering. I've reached out to one dynamic keynote speaker who is open minded to the event, and I know others have keynotes in mind. Some people in our own group will likely volunteer to share their story with the participants.

Once we have a sketch of the day, we'll have to talk about branding the event with a great title, signage, and marketing.

And we need a fiscal officer or agency for the event, someone who is willing to handle the money. We have some leads in that area.

We also need to complete the proposal, check it over, send it in, and wait to see if our idea is funded.

Yesterday, I announced that this group was meeting on Twitter, and a few educators from my PLN already reached out to help. A while ago I reached out to other educators who are interested in the idea and have related experience, and they too offered to help out as well.

In time, I'm sure I'll have more to say about the event as well as an invitation to all who are interested in participating and presenting, but for the meantime, I'm ready to hear what the planning committee has to say as well as to choose my points of participation and support.