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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Fifth Grade Fraction Mastery Path

The students are traveling down the fraction mastery path. On this path they are making fraction concepts visible in multiple ways.

Fraction Bars
First they made fraction bars using Google table. Then they folded strips into fraction bars. Tomorrow they'll use grid strips to make fraction bars, and they'll have some time to study and reflect on what knowledge they can gleam from the activity.

Circle Fraction Models
We'll then move on to a review of "clock" fractions or circle fraction models and connect that work to our fraction grid work since the grids are 60 units long. With the clock fractions, we'll review what mixed numbers look like as numbers, models, and improper fractions.

Fraction, Decimal, Decimal Fraction, Percent Equivalencies
Later we'll look at simplifying fractions and equivalent fractions, decimal fractions, decimals, percents, decimal fraction models, and bar models.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions
After that students will practice adding and subtracting fractions with similar and unlike denominators using number lines, clock models, bar models, percents, and decimals.

Tech Practice
Using Symphony Math, TenMarks, and Khan Academy students will practice the concepts learned in class and at home as well.

Fraction Assessment
We'll take some time out early next week for a fraction assessment to give students a chance to show off their learning which, in turn, will give me a chance to assess the teaching and where to go next with the fraction mastery path.

Showcase Portfolios
Then rather than moving right into the second part of the journey, we'll stop to update showcase portfolios and reflect as we prepare for the student-family-teacher conferences the week of March 21.