Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another First Learning Experience

Today the students and I will embark on another first learning experience.

I enlisted the help of a teaching assistant and specialist to help us with this event.

I also spent some time in class going over the event with students so they clearly understand the expectations for behavior and the organization of the day.

The next step is to print the guides and student lists for all the chaperones and collect the health bags.

Students and I will meet at the start of the day to review the agenda and expectations once again. Then we'll take the drive to the location. Due to weather considerations there will be a bit of shifting throughout the day since some of the plans are weather dependent.

After last week's trepidation about a first field study, I queried the students yesterday. The response to the experience was overwhelmingly positive. When I brought up the few behavioral issues, they concurred and felt the issues I raised were fair.

I expect that today will be another eye opening experience for educators, chaperones, and students alike. It's going to be a good day--a good, good day. . . .