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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Amazing Teacher Leadership Initiaitve

This year I've been involved in the NEA/CTQ/MTA Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI). It's an initiative also backed by the NBPTS and, I believe, other organizations as well.

I am very impressed with the way that this initiative has been organized. The information we've had to read and review has been terrific. The assignments have required us to dig deep and think carefully about the work we do now and the work that we may do in the future. The share has extended to educators across the country which has resulted in rich exchange. The leaders of the initiative are well seasoned educators who have done a lot to forward our profession in ways that matter.

Rich, deep, professional learning initiatives like this are what we need to forward the profession throughout the country. After exchanging ideas and learning from the CTQ coordinator, Lori Nazareno, and many webinar participants in our TLI school redesign cohort, I had to "shout out" a post of praise. Thank you!