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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I like to think about issues. I like to ask questions and look for ways to better what I do. I like to think about how systems might be better too.

Yet, as one can imagine, this kind of critical thinking and questioning is not welcome by all or at all times.

Years ago a dear friend cautioned me about this, and I know that I have to be mindful of direct speak, asking questions, and debate.

Yet, I also believe that it's important that we share our ideas, questions, and curiosity when we have them. As Martin Luther King, Jr. states in the quote on this page, silence can be more harmful than words.

Just last week, a family bravely broached an issue with me. It was about a time in the year when I could have done a better job. As I listened to their words,I felt bad that I didn't have the wisdom to do the kind of job they wished I had done in that instance. Rather than getting upset, I apologized and said that the issue involved an area that's not my strongest area, one I continue to work at. We talked about how I might act in the future. In the end, the family members were so supportive. Yes, I was humbled, but I also had their support, the new learning gained from the open, honest discussion, and confidence that in a similar situation, I would do it better next time.

We are all learning all the time. None of us are without our strengths and wisdom, and none of us are without our shortcomings. It is best if we look for ways to be open, honest, and respectful to one another as we share this mission of good collaboration with our efforts to teach children well. Onward.