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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Full Day Review

Today was a full day.

What happened?

First there was a lot of teaching and learning with respect to fraction models, number lines, and comparisons.

Then time for a professional team meeting which focused on a lot of scheduling and logistics.

After that time for a student-teacher team meetings. Great meeting with lots of updates. After that we had a few minutes to watch the entertaining "Head Lice to Dead Lice" film, a great film which dispels myths and introduces the science and good response to head lice.

At day's end the school faculty watched the film, Most Likely to Succeed, and after that I participated in the TLI webinar and assignments.

That work is done, and it's time to focus on tomorrow.

We'll return to fraction model making. Hopefully everyone will finish part one of that activity--all of the directions are listed on the class website's Student Learning Page. The students will get started in the outside lab while I'm at an early day student meeting.  We'll also make time to catch up on math tech, teamwork, reading tests, reading together, and possibly watching the rest of the "Head Lice to Dead Lice Film."

I need to prep the paperwork and links for Friday's Character Theme Day too, a day when we'll show students J.K. Rawlings' Harvard Commencement Speech from Amazon's "With Math I Can" growth mindset video collection to kick off the event and inspire everyone.