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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SRSD POWerful Approach to Math Problem Solving

Today we'll continue practicing the SRSD approach to math problem solving.  The more I use the approach the more I like it.

Students will use a simplified planner to guide their problem solving work. We'll Pull the problem apart, Organize our work with the acronym TIDE and important "DO WHAT" combination, and finally Write and show our solution.

We discussed the fact that you can be the brightest problem solver on Earth, but if you can't communicate your ideas or solutions, what good is that. Good communication is key.

Hence we used the notes from the first parts of the problem solving approach to craft well written solutions.

To write those solutions we followed this process:
  1. Reread the question.
  2. State what the answer will do upfront for example, we began one answer with the phrase, "To find the area of the playground, I first. . . .
  3. Be explicit and use mathematical language--write so a third grader could easily follow these directions.
  4. Reread to make sure your answer makes sense and includes important details. Make any necessary changes.
  5. If the test is online, then type your answer into the proper box. 
Tomorrow and Friday we'll dig in deeper to this problem solving approach as students work in partners to complete a POW planner as they solve another measurement problem. Practice is the focus now.