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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Teaching: You Will Have Challenging Days

Why was today so challenging?

First, I was a bit tired since I stayed up very late writing report cards.

Next, writing report cards is an arduous, painstaking task for many, many reasons.

And, I was teaching something new and challenging for the first time.

Also, I made an error in the teaching--not a big deal, but an error that rerouted the teaching.

Then, a few students misbehaved on the freezing, cold playground with words that were demeaning and behavior that was inappropriate. I dealt with that wearing a vest and sweater since I left my coat in the car when rushing in this morning.

After that one of those "domino effect" problems came up--a messy, complex issue that involves a lot of teachers and some time. We untangled the chain of events and righted the response.

Thankfully we ended with a good read aloud, Sharon Draper's, Out of My Mind, and that helped a bit.

When you teach, you'll have challenging days. Usually the challenging days are the result of multiple factors that converge. I'm sure it's the same in any place where you work or live--that happens.

Tonight I'll catch up on a number of paperwork details that have been awaiting my attention, and I'll get a better night's rest. Tomorrow will be a better day--that usually happens after a challenging day like this one. Onward.