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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saddened by Slander: Trump Targets

I'm so saddened by sound bite after sound bite by Donald Trump. So many of his words demean individuals based on culture, religion, or gender.

I think about the bright Muslim girl I've had in my class whose earnest efforts and kind acts are met with his hateful speech.

I think about the woman who is doing her best to raise a family, do her job, and be a good person, demeaned by the way he speaks about women.

I think of the immigrant who has worked hard to get here put down by Trump's talk about the immigrant's culture, status, or choice.

I wonder how anyone can support a person who spews hate and contempt for our increasingly diverse and interconnected country and world. How can they support a person whose vision does not look forward and acknowledge the way the world is changing and moving? Why would they find support in a man who lives a grandiose lifestyle yet has never held a public office or served in the military?

We need a forward thinking leader for our country--a leader who respects our diversity of gender, culture, and religion--a leader who understands how government works and what's possible when good people work together with good intent to make a positive difference.

I fear Donald Trump's impact in words and acts--hateful rhetoric increases contempt and disregard for humanity. Old vision denies how the world has changed and the way we interconnect and rely on each other as a global community.

Donald Trump makes us small as a people. He does not see the wonderful potential we hold for building a strong, forward moving country. Instead his vision is targeted on a world that used to be, a past time.

The United States holds so much promise for every citizen. Our power is in the collaboration of the populous--the coming together of young and old, men and women, multiple religions and cultures to work within our laws or strategically change laws to build a good life for everyone in this country. A good life depends on our collaboration within the United States and with the global community. A good life depends on opportunity for all no matter where your gender, body size, religion, culture, job, or interest lies. Our good life lies in working together to preserve and create communities where people can pursue our country's highest value of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

It's difficult for me to believe that we can take seriously an individual who plays on us with his marketing strategies and knowledge as well as a lifetime of self-interest and success. It's unfathomable to me that we aren't connecting more to candidates who are seeking to develop our country's best attributes in ways that better life for the populous. I can't imagine why anyone would listen to Trump beyond the fact that he is providing us with unimaginable entertainment--a look at an individual we couldn't imagine with a vision we never ever thought would be part of our democracy's discussion with regard to leadership and the future.

At this time, I am saddened by the slander used with such ease by candidates like Trump. I look forward to the day when his name will be long gone and his impact negligible as our great country moves forward with grace, care, and inclusivity--a country created for freedom, justice, and a good life for every citizen.