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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hillary has my Vote

I've debated about where my vote will go, and I've decided to support Hillary Clinton.

Is she perfect, no. Is any candidate perfect, no. Are any of us perfect, no.

Why am I supporting Hillary?

Yes, I am very, very excited about having a woman president. I want a president who is a mom, a grandmother, a wife--a woman.

Also, we live in a very complex world and Hillary Clinton has had first-hand experience with world issues and conflicts. Yes, her tenure in that regard has not been perfect, but she has worked with very, very complex and difficult issues as she traveled the world working as part of the Obama administration as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton was a senator from New York. She's sat in the Capital's chambers and worked to create and debate laws for our country. She knows how our legislature works.

Hillary Clinton was the First Lady. She is married to former President Clinton. She saw how the Presidency runs and what happens.

She is a smart, well educated lawyer--a graduate of Wellesley College, a prestigious woman's college in Massachusetts, and Yale Law School, an Ivy League law school.

Hillary Clinton's resume makes her the best candidate for the job. She brings with her a former President who can assist her in ways that she and her comrades choose--his experience will definitely make her stronger too.

Like many, many spouses all over the globe, Hillary Clinton looked past her husband's behavior and decided that her love and care for him was greater than his behavior. Anyone in any close relationship knows that relationships aren't perfect and every day we all make decisions about who we live with and love. Humans aren't perfect creatures--we all are a mix of strengths and challenges.

Hillary Clinton is a strong woman and one who has potential to move our country forward in ways that matter.

I hope she will move forward with respect and attention to both men and woman with an eye on opportunity for all.

I hope she will forward positive public education for all of our nation's children creating schools that have what it takes to forward a top notch education for every child.

I hope that she will find ways to distribute wealth in ways that every individual has an opportunity to work and earn a living that supports a good home, health care, family, and some fun too.

I hope that she will look for ways to make peaceful connections to countries throughout the globe with the knowledge that we are a global community.

I hope that she will help our military move forward to strategic action that keeps our country safe and protected.

I hope that she will move us towards responsible gun use, gender equality, respect for all cultures and religions, preservation of our natural resources, and adherence to current laws as well as change in laws where needed.

I hope she will heed the wise words and ideas of Bernie Sanders who is promoting positive agenda--an agenda that will move America ahead with regard to opportunity for all Americans.

I am hopeful about the United States. I know our country is made up of dedicated, good people. At this time, our best choice for a leader is Hillary Clinton. She has my vote. Please consider joining me in this decision.