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Monday, December 07, 2015

The Week Ahead: Mid December 2015

The week ahead will be busy therefore I want to chart the course:

The teaching focus will be the area model for multiplication. I'll have fact charts handy for those that need it. We'll also spend some time reading. My small group will focus on comprehension strategies using text about the famous poet, Langston Hughes.

The core classes will focus on partial product multiplication while RTI will use space facts to practice subtraction and problem solving.

We'll move to traditional multiplication with a focus on precision. There's a STEAM professional event that day too.

Students will continue to practice problem solving and multiplication. This time the focus will be decimal multiplication.

Students will take a short multiplication quiz and work on making math operations vocabulary movies.

At the university students will share their lifelong learning projects and workshop final course requirements. We'll also review learning-to-learn elements and strategies and continue to work on our collective geometry unit--a work in progress.

The weekend will bring a bit of holiday cheer too.

Now it's time to get busy.