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Friday, November 06, 2015

Teaching Math: Math Fraction/Decimal Weave

In teaching math I continually weave concepts together using a frame of greater and less, positive and negative, whole and part, and more.

We build concepts out and move them in with models, color, and shape. We look at big picture and fine detail as we build that weave of mathematical thinking and understanding.

Today as students learned about decimal numbers, we began with Flocabulary's decimal and money videos. Then we talked about money as a decimal and base ten system. We wrote the values of every coin and thought about those values as part of 100. Then we completed this chart and wrote numbers in standard (base ten numeral form), number name/word, expanded, expanded notation, and scientific notation forms. Students will practice more on Monday and then we'll write greater numbers that include whole numbers and base-ten numbers.

Teaching math like creating a weave builds a strong foundation for current and later learning. Onward.