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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Tell the Truth, Invite Commentary

I've been reading multiple posts, articles, and comments across disciplines lately. In some cases, I have noted information that is incorrect or untrue. In some of those arenas, commentary is welcome, and in some of those arenas commentary is not welcome.

Truth is difficult to discern particularly when we get to the details of a matter. When commentary is invited, greater truth comes to light. However when commentary is rebuffed, then the truth often lies hidden.

How do we discern truth today?

First, I believe that truth has a better chance of rising to the top if share is invited and encouraged. When people in any group or organization are encouraged to share their thoughts, good work, and research, then everyone benefits. When this share is not welcome, then potential is lost.

Also, I believe that commentary should be invited too. When those in your organizations offer thoughts, questions, or ideas, their effort to communicate should be met with response and further discussion. When individual's ideas are met with no response, sarcasm, or rejection, then a spirit and culture of share wanes.

The truth matters in every group and organization we belong to. Those that deny the truth or create obstacles that halt the truth, develop organizations that are unable to reach the promise or potential possible. Worse, a lack of truth or share can also lead organizations down paths of work that don't matter or efforts that demean people.

If you find problems, inaccuracies, or questions with regard to my share, please let me know. I admit that sometimes my daily plans and ideas take more than a day to complete thus there are ideas I've shared that are still in the waiting room with regard to completion, but I do intend to complete that work. It's just that my ideas outpace my time and energy all the time which presents a challenge.

With regard to others, I will continue to share my thoughts, ideas, and questions as a means of growing an honest, forward-moving, meaningful collaborative practice with regard to teaching/learning and living/loving.