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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Prioritize to Ascend the Steep Study Slope

The study slope is steep and the time to navigate that terrain is limited so what's a teacher to do?

Continued prioritization is the only route I can now determine in order to reach the summit I seek.

Cozy Classroom
This takes first place. We need this to deepen and further the good work our learning community is involved in.

3D Printer
The opportunity awaits and I can't miss out on this--the design I need to do is good "TV work" which means it's something I can do while watching a movie or the news.

Fifth Grader Response
My fifth graders wrote short reports about the base-ten number system. I can't wait to see what they wrote and the models they created to depict what I'm calling one of the world's best inventions--agree?

Google's Computational Thinking Course
I can't wait to get started on this and will put it in front of other topics as it has a mid December deadline and I know the information will empower the teaching I'm able to do.

University Students
They're doing a great job embedding so many math standards, pedagogy, and methods into their weekly study as they add to their math teaching reflection blog and resource website, venues I hope will serve them well as they embark on their teaching career. I will find time this week to to respond to their efforts.

Our team has two Theme Days planned and both of the days include a focus on STEAM. I've got some organization, research, and creation work to do in order to support these Theme Days.

Teacher Leadership Initiative
I've got some catch-up to do in this regard. Part of that catch-up is to read the rest of Lehmann's book through the lens of my capstone project. I'm looking forward to that study and imagine I'll devote a day or two during the holiday break to this effort.

Luckily I front loaded this effort so I'm a bit ahead and can work on this when I have time during the week. There's plenty of others contributing to this effort so it's not mine alone, in fact I'm one small player in the overall initiative.

Teaching Math
Most of the efforts above contribute to math teaching and learning. I want to finish Scnheider's book and I'd like to complete the Stanford MOOC. I imagine that both of these efforts will take place during summer of 2016

Reading List
I've got a lot of books to read including a book my brother-in-law recommended, Thinking in Systems: A Primer. I've got a few more books listed on this post too.

Professional Learning
There are a number of in-house events planned which I'll attend soon. I've also signed up for Educon which always serves to open my mind to countless new learning opportunities.

The learning landscape is thick right now, a bit too dense, but hopefully lists like this will help. The main focus right now is on teaching and learning math. In math, I've found an arena that welcomes my research and efforts as well as an arena where I can impact students with strength and creativity. May this continue :)