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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Teaching/Learning Unit Design

I'm working with the grade-level colleagues to design an interdisciplinary teaching/learning unit. As I worked on the unit this morning I thought about these important elements of any teaching/learning unit:

It's important to explicitly teach, practice, and display the unit's essential vocabulary.

Websites and 24-7 Access
Creating a website for unit study provides 24-7 access as well as a common place for teachers and students to update links, add helpful resources, and display exemplars and student work. The website provides 24-7 access to all teachers, students, family members, and others who are interested and invested in the unit work.

Essential Questions
It's best to highlight and display the essential questions the unit will address.

A list of project links and resources. This list can be continually edited to reflect the best resources for research, study, project work, and presentation.

Project Outline(s)
Explicit, scaffolded outlines that include room for modification and enrichment help the whole learning team when it comes to successfully coaching each child to success.

Project Checklists and Rubrics
Explicitly identifying expectations through checklists and rubrics helps every student reach learning success.

Make the standards that the unit addresses explicit for all to see and use.

When you design a unit of study what do you include that's not on this list? How do you successfully employ a collaborative unit design process? What matters most with regard to this work? I'm interested in your thoughts.