Sunday, November 29, 2015

Politics and Truth: What's Your Most Reliable Resource?

A group of adults discussed the presidential election.

There were a lot of questions and a lack of clarity about a number of issues.

This made me think about how we get our information, and how we determine if that information is true or not. Where is the best place to turn for simple, transparent, clear information about matters that matter.

Later that day I noticed a company in western Massachusetts whose aim is to make health care information accessible to the masses. I think this is a great idea since I rarely understand the numerous, information-laden forms that arrive at my home each month detailing our health plan actions.

Who does this for politics?

Who creates honest, simple to read, easily accessible updates about what's true and what's not?

Is there a forum that can serve as a baseline for a political discussion amongst family members or friends as we think about whom to vote for and what we believe in as individuals, a community, and country?

Information confusion is a big issue today since so much is available, but it's difficult to discern truth in all that chaos.

Who do you turn to for the facts? What's your best resource as you make decisions and contribute to your family, friends, community, state, and/or nation?

I want to know more about this.