Sunday, November 29, 2015

Correcting Tests on a Sunday Afternoon

I'm sure I'm not alone as I sit by a window in a very quiet and well positioned library correcting student tests. As teachers everywhere know, correcting tests is laborious. Not only is the actual task of looking at each question and responding to it painstaking, but the emotions that go with the correcting are heavy too. Why?

Most of all this is an arduous task because deep down you want every child to excel, yet many display a large range of learning needs on the test. There's a host of concepts to review and practice with some when we return to school. So it will be a bit of moving forward and backtracking at the same time when we return.

Why didn't everyone learn everything? When you look at the tests, it's easy to see that some simply needed more practice while others still have misconceptions related to the topic of the test. I'll continue on as my colleagues are doing all across the country. It would be nice if the library coffee shop was open. That would definitely help to keep me focused :)