Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leading Learning with Good Design

Successful teaching depends on good learning design.

Good learning design profits from optimal process which includes essential questions.

At first, the questions should include the following:
  • Who are our students?
  • What is our context?
  • What do want students to learn and why do we want them to learn this?
  • How will we collaborate with and for students to reach the learning/teaching goals determined?
Next, it's critical that the teaching team have the time necessary to collaborate and complete an initial learning design. I suggest that the team use a website as an organization and share vehicle related to all design efforts. This is an example of a website frame for unit design. As you can see, the frame hosts these information categories critical to quality design and learning:

Once the team's initial plans are complete, then the roll-out can begin. As the roll-out occurs, the team should meet from time to time to revise and update the website according to what truly happens in the classroom with regard to student learning. The website should be seen as an active, transparent part of the overall endeavor, an organic site that grows and changes dependent on students' needs and interests as well as the needs and requirements related to the unit of study. The website also serves as a communication vehicle open to educators, leaders, family members, and students as the study unfolds. 

How do you and your colleagues design learning to meet the needs of your students and context? What elements do you include in your design work? Do your collaborative efforts result in deeper, engaging, and empowered student learning? 

I believe that quality learning design is a key to better developing our efforts and contribution to students and schools today. Do you agree?