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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fostering Scholarly Practice and Study

Scholar: A specialist in a particular branch of study. 

This morning my young mathematicians will step back and complete a practice packet that's a bit easier than the ones we've been focused on. This kind of back step helps students to solidify their skills while also practicing the habits of a good student or scholar.

I'll introduce the activity which is to round numbers related to major land and water forms throughout the world. I'll ask students about the strategies they use to practice when given a task like this. I imagine they'll say things like use a sharp pencil, sit in a place where you can focus, use a place value chart as a resource, check your answers with a neighbor, read carefully, and work with stamina. They may add other attitudes and behaviors that I haven't thought of too.

Then as students study, I'll focus on habits and attitudes of study as I walk around the room. I'll make suggestions about places they've chosen to work in and materials they're using as well as help with the skill. For those who finish, they'll have the chance to use identify the locations of those land and water forms on a map where they'll write the name of the place and it's benchmark or rounded number that describes height, length, land area, or population.

I want to develop student knowledge and concept, and I want to also foster the habits of scholars who study with stamina, strategy, and skill. Both focus areas are integral when it comes to teaching children well.