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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Opportunity to Lead

Sometimes the opportunity to lead presents itself.

When that happens you have the chance to step up or ignore.

When you step up, you may take a risk, but you may also serve to lead in ways that forward and empower many well.

To lead at times like this means reaching in and finding the significant points of an issue or event--what really matters, and then it means that you acknowledge the problem, opportunity, or issue, but redirect everyone to the common ground, essential activity, and good work past and present.

A few years ago when I found myself mired in a very difficult situation because I raised my voice with a colleague, I profited from that kind of leadership from those I respect and love.

They helped me see the situation well. First, rightly so, one shouldn't raise their voice with a colleague, and next, why did I raise my voice? They took me away from the issues and perspectives of others involved and focused on my work past and present as well as my professional goal which is to teach children well.

As I think back to that situation there was room for others to step up, lead, and find common ground, but that never happened which left the situation more awkward and incomplete than it had to be, but those that did step up with empathy and compassion helped me to develop my skill well, and continue to help me to find voice and use voice well in circumstances that can be very challenging, circumstances that make it difficult to speak up in respectful ways that matter.

I continue to share this situation and look back on it because it was such a painful event. And I've felt a similar level of frustration at times since when I try to relay professional ideas and perspective. I continue to analyze this and learn more and more technique and strategy related to share and good speak when it comes to new ideas, collaboration, and innovation. My learning has helped a lot thanks to the many good leaders who stepped up when I needed them.

We will all make mistakes and do wrong from time to time. When we err, we are wise to look for and listen to the wise, compassionate leaders in our midst, the one who are willing to reach out and step up to help. We will all have the chance to lead too when a friend, family member, or colleague errs. We will also have the chance to step up, take a risk, and speak up for and with those who need a hand and have the chance to develop. When we stay mired in troubles rather than working together to move forward, that's when the big problems happen, but, on the other hand, when we're willing to see a situation for what it is, and then work to make positive change, that's what makes a positive difference.