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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Needed: Empathy, Respect, Communication, and Good Process

Small matters can get out of hand if people lack empathy, respect, good communication, and proactive process.

We all have to stand up for what is right with respect and care.

As I've worked to use my voice well in the past many years, I've learned a lot. It's also true that I still have more to learn.

But, in all of this, I hate to see good people hurt by ridicule, and I hate to see mistakes met with such painful consequences.

There are those in my circles who continually model what it means to be empathetic, respectful individuals who listen with care, communicate with truth, and utilize efficient, focused, deep, inclusive, respectful, transparent process to forward issues of concern.

When issues arise that create constant trouble, scapegoating, disrespect, and a lack of empathy, we all have to take the long view as we urge each other to move on with care, respect, and strength.

I'm thinking a lot about this these days.

I know the potential is there in our circles of care and effort to forward change, make amends, and do good work, but first we must decide that this matters to us and then we have to take the first step, and the next, and the one after that. Onward.