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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Response

Yesterday I said to a young child, "Why don't you bring that paper home to show your parents."

He replied, "They're in Paris."

"Paris," I exclaimed, "How lucky!"

I've been to Paris for a few wonderful days. It was a magical excursion.

Then when I returned home, I heard the news.

I ached.

I can't imagine how anyone can kill innocents without regard for their lives, their loved ones, their contribution, their gifts, and their right to live.

I wonder, Have these killers every experienced the richness of life, the beauty, and the joy that leads one to respect life with depth and reverence?

Where did this cycle of fear, killing innocents, and disregard for life begin? How can it end? 

I guess we need to work to build a good life for everyone in our midst with honesty, respect, care, and love. From my vantage point, at schools, we have to welcome all and build a positive experience for each and everyone of our students. 

We have to speak up about those in our midst that wield terror and aim to harm. We have to get help for those who are in danger or who are dangerous. We have to elect and support good governments and leaders who will work with wisdom, respect, and intelligence for each and everyone.

We are one world and the only way that we can move forward together with regard to the terror Paris experienced is to reach out in our small circles to make life better for those whom we love and for those whom we're responsible for, and to speak up to our leaders and greater world to make change that makes a positive difference. 

As for the group(s) that are responsible for the Paris terror, we have to support a world response that will end the violence and build greater collaboration and care. 

I feel small in front of this event, but each of us can move forward with small acts of significance and support to help make a positive change to honor the innocent lives lost.