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Friday, November 13, 2015

Show Me The Evidence: Supporting a Shared Teaching Model

Massachusetts' new teacher evaluation system requires educators to show evidence that they've reached their teaching/learning goals across many areas. Evidence is also required to support initiatives, news ideas, and projects.

Since I follow a large number of educators and read a fair number of blogs, articles, books, and periodicals, I tend to trust new ideas easily. If an idea comes my way that matches the good work, investment, and evident need, I trust that idea quickly and often begin to use elements of that idea. Yet others are not so quick to embrace new efforts, instead they want me to show the evidence that supports new work, initiatives, and ideas.

The Teacher Leadership Initiative gives me a good endeavor with which to formally practice this use of evidence. My capstone project is related to the shared teaching model at our grade level, and I'll embark on research and study that supports and shapes this model. First, I'll read Lehmann's Building School 2.0 and apply the main points to our model. This book is important because it tells the story of a successful school in Philadelphia, a school that reaches students from multiple backgrounds with an approach that is based on collaboration. I'll also be on the lookout for models similar to ours that serve to successfully teach students, and compare those models to what we are doing looking for both evidence to support our work as well as new ideas to use to grow our efforts.

If you have a good resource for me as I embark on this investigation, please let me know. In the meantime, I'll begin my research in earnest once the December holidays arrive.