Sunday, October 18, 2015

Positive Team Communication Matters

As I've mentioned many times, I like to be part of a team and I like to know where the team is headed.

As part of the State of Massachusetts teaching team, I'm delighted that the commissioner updates everyone every Friday about what's happening in our State with regard to education. I learn a lot from those well organized memos that have multiple links and leads with regard to information that impacts my work.

Similarly the principal in my school scribes a memo every Friday which really helps to keep everyone on the same page and makes us feel and act like a team.

Our Tech Specialist also reports on a regular basis about the tech upgrades, possibilities, and other information that help us keep up with tech integration.

Our grade-level team and PLC group publish notes weekly for the learning/teaching team too.

Timely share that includes information relation to the team really helps one feel like a member of the team and allows people to contribute to the team in meaningful ways.

I wish that all teams I belong to would publish relative, inclusive, transparent information in a timely fashion. This kind of share builds team and maximizes our effect.

When information is held hostage from the team, then the team members spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's happening, what's expected, what's important, and what to do. This is not a good use of time. Instead, I recommend that team captains, managers, supervisors, directors, and other leaders communicate often and share more than not so that everyone on the team knows what's going on and then is able to ask good questions, contribute with care, and help the organization move forward in ways that matter. Do you agree?