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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Math Today: September 8, 2015

We'll focus on "birthday math" today to learn about
each other as well as line plots and SMPs.
The early teaching days are critical when it comes to establishing positive routines and rhythm for the learning/teaching year ahead.

What will today's math lesson look like?

As the lesson begins, I'll remind students to gather materials from their desk or math drawer. Next I'll ask students who completed their birthday cake and who did not? After that I'll pass out paper cakes to those who didn't have a chance to work on them and encourage others to finish decorating their cakes while I talk.

Then I'll tell the students that I'm going to model presenting my math homework and that it's their job to rate my presentation. I'll review the presentation rubric with students, and then I'll model the homework presentation using the birthday homework journal page. After my presentation, I'll ask the students how I did and we'll review my work using the rubric as a guide.

Following that part of the lesson, we'll create a birthday line plot on the board that represents the birthdays of the students in the class. As I create the line plot on the board, students will create the line plots in their grid notebooks. Finally, students will put away their materials, and then I'll pass out the birthday homework page and also remind those who haven't finished their cakes to complete those at home too. I'll also show students how to access homework assignments and helpful links on our TeamFive website. Students will file their homework pages into their yellow homework folders, and if there's time at the end we'll watch a short video about line plots and a Flocabulary math video.

First days of school lessons are like putting a cabinet or toy together for the first time. Each step matters and each step takes time. Yet, it's worth the slow, deliberate effort at the start as that creates the foundation for later, fluid effort and learning.