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Monday, September 07, 2015

Educator Share and Transparency: Protocols

It's impossible for any educator to be all or know all in this world of tremendous information, evolution, and change.

But, it's not impossible for educators to prioritize their efforts, share what they do, reach out for help, and collaborate with one another. This is the way of forward movement in education for individuals, teams, and systems.

As an educator who shares, it's important to set up your own set of protocols and then revise and refine those protocols as you continue to share.

What are my current protocols for education share and transparency?

Open Share
At this point, I am not making money off my creations although at times my creativity has led me to some wonderful professional learning associations, events, and opportunities. In this light, I'll freely share the work I do if I believe it will help others.

Continual Revision and Improvement
I continually revise and improve my efforts as needed. Hence, what is true one day may not be true the next if I find out a new or better way. Just because a project has been created with considerable time and effort doesn't mean that project will be static. Instead the work I do is a moving target, and hopefully a moving target that's continually evolving towards greater good.

Transparent Effort
I engage in a large number of efforts. In a sense, if I see a good opportunity come along, I jump in. I don't expect to be perfect in new endeavors, but I do expect to follow the protocols set for the endeavor and contribute with care. Also, if I feel that my involvement in a new effort is something that will uplift others and their craft, I'll share the opportunity. I share the opportunity with full knowledge that some may surpass my efforts and use the opportunity to uplift the work of their team, classroom, grade-level, school, or organization. Although I have a competitive spirit, I am not competing with other educators to do more or better. Instead I want to see terrific collaboration that leads to best work and contribution for all of us.

Although many of the questions I pose to many remain unanswered, if I am unsure about a policy, practice, or effort I will pose a question in writing. If I feel a question is urgent and I haven't received a response, I will ask again. If I feel a question belongs to long range thinking and I don't receive an answer, I'll watch to see how the area of knowledge and work related to the question play out before I ask again. If people ask me questions, I will answer.

Email Response
Though many do not respond to email, I will make it a protocol to respond to email. Hence, if for some reason, I miss your email and you don't get a response, let me know as I feel it is respectful to respond to email.

Don't Stay Silent
Following the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr., if I have an idea or thought that I feel will positively impact an individual's or organization's efforts, I will speak up. I will also work to respect the words of those that speak up to me with ideas for change or debate. So many sit back and complain about events, but don't move forward with their speak or action. As my father always told me, "You don't have a right to complain if you're not contributing to the solution."

These are my protocols for share. What protocols do you have? How would you revise or enrich my list? This is an important aspect of teaching and learning today, one that we all need to be mindful of as we work together to teach children well.