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Friday, September 11, 2015

Focus Your Efforts

I've been observing a number of professional processes lately, and my overall impression is that it's important to focus your efforts with good process.

What is your focus, and what process will help you to reach your goals?

As I think of my own efforts this year, the main focus is math teaching. What does this entail?

First, it means providing a top-notch, researched, standards-based program for all students. That means providing a tailored, multi-modal, balanced approach which includes good pedagogy, solid knowledge of the standards, student engagement and empowerment, and care for each and every child.

To reach that goal requires the following specific actions:
  • well planned, thoughtful, engaging learning experiences every day.
  • regular formative and summative assessments to gauge progress and inform further instruction.
  • continued reading, research, study, and reflection.
  • proactive and positive communication and collaboration with the learning team: students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members.
  • an inviting, organized, purposeful, and helpful online and real time learning environment.
  • regular student feedback, encouragement, and coaching.