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Friday, September 11, 2015

Lead Time Matters

I try to stay about one week ahead in day-to-day plans and about one month ahead for plans that involve others. Why?

I do this because it takes time to plan and prep. Good lesson design and execution depends on the following:
  • apt choreography
  • scheduling lessons when optimal help is available.
  • xeroxing, organizing materials, making charts. . .
  • reading up and studying the lesson.
  • informing the entire learning team (students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members) of upcoming plans
A good learning experience like a well done project in the final stages looks easy to anyone who is watching. It's difficult to discern all the time and steps that go into apt teaching and learning. So it's easy for those who don't work with children to forget the value of lead time when scheduling events that impact classroom life.

In almost every aspect of teaching/learning, lead time matters. Although, we also have to make time for serendipity, spontaneity, and surprise too as sometimes those moments are often the most valuable moments in one's teaching/learning life. Onward.