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Saturday, August 15, 2015

You Can't Do It All

Have high expectations, but know that you can't do it all.

The school year will call you to perform many roles and do many jobs, but you have to be mindful of the time available and priorities set.

While some will note the importance of one initiative over another, listen and observe carefully as to what really matters to children, families, colleagues, and leaders.

At times the priorities of one group will not match the goals of another, and that's when it's important to ask questions, think deeply, and make good decisions about where you will invest your time and care.

The first priority in all matters has to be kind care and attention to students. Their needs come first. Yet, the job is to make sure that each child learns well in ways that strengthen their foundation of skill, knowledge, concept as well as a readiness and interest in learning in general.

Work with families, colleagues, leaders, and students to chart the course. Spend time upfront to focus the goals.

None of us can do it all, but together we can create strong, caring, responsive communities that teach children well.