Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shared Teaching Model #2

This year we'll embark on a new, shared teaching model. It's a revision of the shared teaching model we used last year.

It's a model that combines discrete areas of teaching/learning with shared areas of student service and response. The teaching team and building leadership are excited about the model.

I want to document our efforts throughout the year so we can look back and assess what worked and what could be better at the end of this year as we prepare for another year of shared teaching/learning.

I started the documentation last spring with multiple posts about the model proposal, discussions, debate, and ultimately the details of the accepted plan.  Later in the summer, I capsulated the effort to date in a first official story telling post about the new model.

So what's next?

Our first official team meeting is next week. We've got a long list of discussion/decision topics to review at that time.

Then the following week, we'll meet with special educators, set up our rooms, and welcome children to the new model. The week after that we'll have the chance to meet with family members to introduce the model, entertain questions, and provide support.

I imagine that by the third week we'll have started our weekly pattern of teaching, meeting, planning, and decision making related to the needs of our 75 superstar students :)

The journey is about to begin, and I'm excited.