Thursday, July 23, 2015

Regis College Deep Learning EdTech Workshop Synopsis

It was a terrific day of learning and teaching. Wes Przybylski is a terrific presenter. He's quick, funny, and shares multiple edtech tools and learning ideas in an interactive way. If you have the chance to see Wes present, I recommend.

Chrystal Hoe @cehoerun is an equally terrific presenter. She's organized, knowledgeable, and approachable. She introduced us to countless Google apps, add-ons, and details that will make Google use much deeper, broader, and targeted too. If your school is getting familiar or wanting to deepen you knowledge with regard to Google, I recommend inviting Chrystal to help out.

The participants were open minded, welcoming, and eager to learn.

My big takeaway is that we have to make the time to introduce all the wonderful tools shared today to students and then give students time to use those tools in meaningful study.

Also, though still not widely embraced, we have to make time for the learning team including students, educators, and leaders to design learning that matches student need, interest, standards, and the context in which we learn and teach.

There's too much opportunity and potential today not to make time for meaningful design and learning--it's truly a new age of learning.

Finally we are an interconnected world and we have the tools to connect with one another in ways that matter with regard to teaching and learning. It's in our best interest to use those tools well with and for students to lead our learning and effect forward.

There are many specific links, notes, and images in the Storify account of the day below. Also, I suggest that you keep your eyes peeled for next year's Regis College EdTech Workshop because it's an opportunity to learn a lot about how to teach children well.