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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Parents: Prepare your Children for the Math Year Ahead

Flocabulary provides a great way to practice math facts while dancing and singing along. 
If possible, parents can prepare their children for the math year ahead.

Yes summer is for fun, but it doesn't hurt to make a bit of time to practice facts and play math games.

What can you do?

Here are a few ideas.
  1. Get Chromecast. Sign up for Flocabulary. Watch Flocabulary's Math Fact and other raps on your TV. Dance to the rap as you listen, rap along, and watch.
  2. Play math games like Yahtzee, cards, and chess.
  3. Use flash cards. Practice all the facts (+/- for k-2 and X/div. for 3-5). Start with smaller sets of similar facts, and build up to all the facts. Perhaps you could even have a prize list with prizes such as a trip to the park, bike ride, swim at a local pool when students reach specific proficiencies.
  4. Sign up for SumDog, Khan Academy, DragonBox, SCRATCH, Scratch Jr., TenMarks, and other math apps and online games. Plan to practice for a few minutes several days a week.
  5. Make a math fact book online or off with pictures, numbers, and words. 
What are some other ways that you prepare your children for the math year ahead? If you make this a fun and engaging time, you'll not only prepare your child for math, but you'll also prepare him/her for a year of learning engagement and success.