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Monday, July 13, 2015

Positive Professional Work

I'm leading myself forward to greater positive professional work.

Why the charge?

As an educator it takes an extra push to move forward beyond the expectations to deeper, better work.

It's easy to criticize, find fault, and complain, but it's much more challenging to speak up, offer ideas, and make change. Yet if we don't push ourselves in that positive direction, our teaching/learning environments won't grow and develop in ways that help us to teach children well.

What will this positive professional work include?

First, I'm making a commitment to better support my colleagues by participating in the local union, working as a team at the grade-level and school-level, and doing my part by teaching the subjects and students in my charge well.

Teaching well means committing to a pattern of learning and developing my craft to teach in deeper and more meaningful ways. I've outlined the goals in this regard in this post.

Also, this work means speaking up for what is right and good, and directing conversation, debate, and discussion always in the direction of what's best for children and the environments in which they learn.

In what ways do you engage in and promote positive professional work? How do you move beyond ways less valuable to meaningful share and effort in this regard?

In schools, there's lot of room for positive and professional growth, and moving in that direction makes a difference.