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Friday, June 05, 2015

Supporting and Caring for Students and Families

The lessons we learn in early life are very important. The way we are taught, at home and in school, impacts our future lives, experiences, and opportunities. Wherever we go, we take those early life experiences and lessons with us.

It's an awesome responsibility as a teacher or parent to recognize that you are laying the foundation for an individual's life in the choices you make for your students and children each day. As a young parent, it is is essential that you make time to think about your values and beliefs, and then to create patterns where you're able to teach and model those values and beliefs in family friendly ways. The same is true as a teacher. As educators we have to pattern the days so that we teach essential concept, knowledge, and skill so that our students are ready to be confident, able, and successful in their world.

As educators and parents, we also have to make sure that we're contributing to the larger community in ways that support young families, parents, and educators so that they have the time and support to nurture those important parenting and teaching paths. Supports such as reasonable schedules, family friendly work policies, and welcoming homes, schools, community centers, and public spaces will enable young parents and educators to do their work well.

Whenever possible, we have to find ways to foster the best that we can do as parents and educators. At this busy end of the school year, this message is clear, and fortunately I am in a place where I am both supported and able to help.