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Thursday, June 04, 2015

End of Year S T R E T C H

It's the end of year S T R E T C H.

Students are less eager to study; there are more special events; the paperwork is great, and your energy is waning. What is a teacher to do?

First, you want to resist that temptation to get cranky--that does no one any good, especially you. So you have to think carefully about the days ahead and manage your time and energy well.

It's important to make the last days of school reasonable days with sensitivity to students' needs and interests. It's best to revert to the kind of teaching and learning you did in the first days of school--simple in nature and easy to access. It's a good time to start "summer study" with lots of independent reading, read aloud, simple artistic projects, and math review.

Special Events
Visualize the events to make sure everything is in place for safety, health, and good times. Review the events ahead of time with families and students so they dress right for the event, bring snacks, and plan well. Be prepared to give in to the events' extra requirements such as extended time on task and greater responsibility. Also don't forget to have fun and enjoy the events.

Paperwork and Clean Up
In ideal situations, educators receive the extra time they need to complete orders, write student reports, and complete all the end-of-the-year paperwork and clean-up. However ideal situations don't always exist so you and your colleagues may need to spell each other in order to get all this work done. It's also important to enlist students' help with cleaning up and putting the room in order before the last day.

Personal Health and Care
Teachers are definitely more tired at the end of the year. It's important to make time for yourself so that you can end the year with success.

Stay positive and end the year well. It's a great feeling to walk out that last day knowing that you managed a terrific year of learning for children. Then you'll have time to read, study, and catch up on energy and rest during the summer break.