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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Independent Learning: Editing Day

Today students will follow a mostly independent menu as I edit, edit, edit. I had hoped to edit all the stories last night, but I fell asleep instead. That happens especially at the end of a busy school year. So today one-by-one, student-by-student, I'll read each biography interview with each child. That's actually my favorite way to edit as it becomes a conversation about the informational report and a chance to connect with every learner.

The key here will be students ability to follow an independent study menu of biography costume design, math practice, quiet reading, and some choice. We'll talk a lot about what it means to lead your learning during this morning's meeting, and how this is most important during summer days when you make time for a bit of math practice, writing in your journal, or reading a good book.

Fortunately the students enjoy reading and most are often eager to forward their math learning with online games and practice. If we get through most of the projects today, we'll be back to our usual routine tomorrow.