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Friday, June 05, 2015

Readathon Monday

Students have written wonderful biography "interviews" with famous people from today and throughout history. The interview genre has enabled these notable people to come alive for both the student author and readers.

The challenge lies in giving each child the edit they deserve--an intense one-to-one reading and discussion of the interview piece. So far 13/22 are complete, and I must say I enjoyed the process of meeting with each fifth grade writer and learning about all the wonderful people.

With one day left for final edits, and the need for quiet and focus that editing demands, I decided to make Monday a readathon. Students are welcome to bring blankets, sleeping bags, and/or pillows so that they are comfortable while they read books of choice for a few hours while I edit with individuals. If some want to wear their PJs that's okay too.

Fortunately I teach in a school that has lots of wonderful books and lots of children who enjoy reading so for most, Monday will be a wonderful day!