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Sunday, June 07, 2015

I'm Here for You!

In the final days of school, the phrase "I'm here for you!" is emphasized in word and action.

While completing biographies, I'll remind students that it's my job to pay attention to every student's report and that takes time. That's why I'll expect the rest to read and write quietly so I can give each student that important attention.

On Field Trips, I'll remind that it's safety first, then learning, and after that fun!  It's a great chance to learn outdoors with friends and family members. I'm looking forward to the learning first.

Field Day is a time for sportsmanship as we cheer each other on to do our best and gain a strong team score.

The Biography Presentation is a time to dress in costume and teach family members, teachers, and students all about a famous person today or from history. It's also a time to learn about history and current events as we study other students' reports, posters, costumes, and presentations.

Classroom naturalist presentations will introduce us to the natural environment around us while human body system lessons and personal safety presentations will teach us how to take care of ourselves so we live happy, healthy lives.

Class Day will give everyone a chance to celebrate the final days of school with limited, free range activities including arts and crafts, reading, sports, and cards.

The Clap Out gives everyone in the school and family members a chance to say in a resounding way, "We're here for you!  Congratulations!"

The days are well planned, the events significant, the time for response available, and my role is to continually say, "I'm here for you, what do you need?"