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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What A Week! May 2015

A peaceful highlight to the week was watching
the fifth graders read to their kindergarten friends. 
This was the most diverse week of school and life I've ever experienced. These events created a complex mosaic:
  • An ill relative
  • TEAM Day Picnic and Celebration
  • High School Mentor Nature Explorations
  • Capture the Flag
  • Play Rehearsals
  • Buddy Time
  • Designing and Proposing a Somewhat New Grade Level Teaching Model
  • Math Curriculum Review at PLC
  • Family Matters
Now, with that awesome array of events past, it's time to look forward to the teaching/learning path ahead. What's the current priority?

The Play holds center stage this week. Creating the song book, singing songs, practicing lines, rehearsing the play, and the performance! Students have already contributed countless hours of in-school and at-home time to this endeavor so it's up to us to make space and provide support in the final days.

Next in line is the upcoming biography project. We've secured plenty of computer time to coach students towards completion of this Living History project that includes a written interview, time line, images, costume, and acting in character.

After that we have to prep for our upcoming River Days Field Trip, Human Body System study, Summer Math Study Preview lessons and left-over building/maker projects. Teachers have end-of-year paperwork, ordering, and transition items to complete as well.

Choreographing the end-of-year requires sensitive, student-centered pacing and care. Now it's time to enjoy the weekend and shore up my energy for the week to come. Onward. 

Also it seems like my ill relative is on the mend--a relief!