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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Strengthening TEAM

Today we started building our new STEAM Teams.

We arranged the desks to accommodate each team.

I told them that I've noticed that it seems like many people in the world are moving from independence and competition towards greater collaboration and working together. I said that I felt that was true because we live in a complex, interdependent world and to solve our most important problems we need to work as teams.

Next we discussed the attributes of successful teams. Students named the following descriptors:
  • collaborate
  • fair jobs
  • ability to compromise
  • finding different solutions
  • listening to everyone's point of view
  • participation
  • acknowledging that everyone's role is important
  • sharing
  • regular meetings.
Then students worked together to create posters that exemplify what it means to be a positive TEAM.

I find it interesting that we're working on this at the end of the year, yet I know this work is a helpful focus as we dig in deeper with STEAM activities and prepare students for their transition to the Middle School.