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Friday, May 08, 2015

Lift the Quality of Learning: Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibility

For years now I've been writing about teaching well. I've been researching, reading, thinking, and writing down ways to lift my own practice and the practice of education in general.

As I look around, I notice so many ways that the level of quality in education has been lifted by colleagues and systems near and far. It's exciting to see this.

Now that it seems like lifting the quality of learning is on just about every educator's agenda, the job is not to sound the alarm, but to carefully analyze one's own practice and craft. What is my role and responsibility? What learning/teaching teams do I belong to and collaborate with? Where am I meeting the expectations of my role, and where can I improve my craft and practice?

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities matter a lot at this juncture in the teaching/learning path. There's no longer the need to cry out for tech integration, problem base learning, knowledge building, differentiation, and personalization. Educators have heard that cry and are following those paths. Now the key is to dive in deeper and do better work for each and every child.

So, in the spirit of teaching better, don't hesitate to find out what your role specifically entails and how you can best meet those expectations. Narrowing the path to better work is the next step on the teaching/learning well agenda.