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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thursday Thoughts in May

The kindergarten room was turned into a
Dr. Seuss wonderland. 
It's been an eventful week.

Two MCAS tests, test prep, new playground toys, team building, conflict resolution, and more.

Tomorrow there's another PARCC test and next week, there's two more.

We'll review the material and coach each other forward--one more week after this of big tests, then it's the play, science projects, field trips, and the biography project.

The focus is on keeping a good routine with time for team, time for quiet, independent work, special events, and play.

We finally know our positions for next year so we can now analyze the year and use what we learned to inform next year's routine and focus.

It's also time to enjoy the students we'll miss next year. Today I had a chance to play frisbee and badminton on the playground. That was fun!

I also had the chance to watch the kindergarteners magnificent Green Eggs and Ham play during their Dr. Seuss special event. The sensational kindergarten teachers worked tirelessly to choreograph the memorable, rich event--amazing!

There's rarely a dull moment in school life, and the key is to keep a balanced focus as we serve students well. Onward.